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mom life

six months

my baby is six months old. i am usually not the sappy type who gets emotional over changes, but he’s my last baby and i lovvvve me some babies.

jett is the sweetest boy. he is a total third child and just goes with the flow. this week he started to sit up on his own and we gave him some solids, which he hated. we will keep trying in hope that he sleeps longer at night since right now he wants to nurse all. night. long. so ­čś┤­čś┤­čś┤

he also loves his brothers. he thinks they are hilarious, which obviously terrifies me. i’m sure it won’t be long until he joins in the chaos.

happy half jetty. we love you and are so happy you are here.

mom life

middle child syndrome

it’s real and it’s happening in our house right now. our middle is the most fun loving, non stop little guy. he’s spends his day laughing or trying to get everyone around him to laugh. it’s very endearing, however he doesn’t know how to shut it off. he’s the kid at the party who will stick his finger in he cake and then put it on his nose and dance around to get a reaction. he’s two!! here are what i now refer to a huckism’s from the past few days:

while trying to make a good impression at my oldest new school, huck decided to stand on the table in front of the headmaster, drop his drawers and take a wiz. then in the most proud voice declared “pee pee mommy!” and started to dance and clap for himself. pretty sure they just raised our tuition.

he started to crawl out of his crib. end of story. sometimes i find him downstairs at two am playing with big brother’s legos.

if he’s bored he will just leave. he takes a chair to the child locks on the doors and walks right out. he sits on our front yard and waves and chats with neighbors until i run out practically having a heart attack because i thought he was playing with his brother.

he turned on every burner on the gas stove and then ripped off the knobs. what. the. in other news, I also added safety proofing to the list this week.

his most favorite thing is when someone at target stops me to say how cute he is, he will stand there and soak it in until the perfectly timed moment when he goes over and gives the stranger a hug, somehow gets them to lean over because they think he’s going to say something cute and then…. BOOBIES! or POOPY PANTS! comes flying out of his mouth.

shipping him off to my parent’s house for the weekend to regroup. think we may need to give him some more one on one attention.

mom life

the handling tribe

so. many. boys.

my will (five): a lovable challenge from day one. allergic to vegetables, fruit, and sleep. shows great empathy towards friends, family and creatures. total first born syndrome aka i still cut his food into tiny squares.

my huck (two): mr. independent. just one look and all of the mischievous little acts suddenly disappear. blessed with longest eyelashes ever. as his teacher tells us, this one was made extra cute for a reason.

my jett (new!): my sweet, sweet boy we never knew we needed to feel complete until he was here. overly loved by his two brothers (and mom & dad and pretty much everyone). goes with the flow and takes on whatever is thrown at him with a smile.