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Placke’s Collision

I would say my typical client is bloggers and small business owners. When I get contacted from a business outside of my comfort zone, I always like to try and push the limits. This was one of them! I created the logo and website for this auto business in Carrollton. Love the way it turned out.


Ciri Fenzel – Marketing Consultant

This is a client I have worked with now on several projects. She an I are always on the same page and it’s so great to work with her over and over again. We both love to talk business and marketing and all thing entrepreneur-ish.

This is a new website and logo I created for her marketing consulting business.

design work

the massey spot

it was such a pleasure getting to work with this mama hustler. she has four (yes FOUR) babes and make it look goooood. i’m basically crawling to the finish line each day with three so she a major rockstar in my book.

I transferred her blogspot site to wordpress and created her new identity.


brandywine buzz

after i left my full time job in marketing (i was the director of marketing for delaware today magazine and also working in the non-profit work at the ai dupont children’s hospital planning the special events), I made the brave transition into the freelance world. it’s been so great, but the initial period was rough. that hustle of reaching out to anyone and everyone who you know could benefit from your (awesome) services) is both thrilling and very intimidating.

anyway, one of those initial interactions for me was with the brandywine buzz. it was a challenging (fake it to you make it) type project, but turned out to be such a beneficial project. the owner, traci, is so well connected and a great source on all things “mom” related.

i designed the website and update it weekly with content.

design work

milk made baby

sometimes when i work with clients we are so much on the same page and i am super confident that it’s going to be a winner (other times, not as much). working with jenny, the owner of milk made baby, was such a treat. she is as sweet as she is smart. on top of her game, this one. as a breastfeeding mom i love the concept of her business.

she was looking for a clean design with large imagery to pull in your eye. love where it ended up. take a look!


the sterling forest

i worked with john’s wife ciri on a few previous projects, so when she asked me if i would take on designing the cover and layout the text for john’s new book the sterling forest, of course i said yes. and then i thought, can I do this?? it was the most challenging project i have worked on and therefore the most rewarding.
it is an excellent book, so go pick up a copy!

i also created a website and branding for the author.

design work

petite yogi

i was having coffee with a friend just discussing life and she asked if i would be interested in taking on the branding and website design for her successful kids yoga business. my first response was no, no i don’t do that anymore…and then i went home and started coming up with all these fun ideas and i suddenly had the desire to fire up the computer and create.

so after taking some time off to fully emerge myself in raising my three boys, i decided it was the right time to get back to business.

here is the logo re-design created for Petite Yogi. the owner wanted to keep the girl from the original logo, but freshen up the look with something more modern and playful. i love the final product.
and here is the website. i definitely design with a clean, uncluttered look in mind. i tend to let the images do the talking.